King & Queen of the Mnt

The King & Queen of the Mountain!

All records are now on strava here

Those who have run non-stop to the top & conquered Camp Mountain 

Elevation profile below

2014 winners are Claudia for the ladies, Roland and Andrew for the men and also the junior winner Josh. Well done all.

DSC04230_1DSC04231_1jnr king of the mnt 2014 joshDSC04455 - Copy_1

QOTM 2013 Danica 

Andrew KOTM 2013

2014 King and Queen of The Mountain Points Table Update

13/01/2014 Andrew, Ken, Aaron, Roland great start! 1pt each.
03/02/2014 Andrew “Chainsaw” Ward! 1 Pt
25/08/2014 Paul, Roland & Will 1pt each

2013 table

Jan 21 – Aaron, Andy, Dave, Paul, Will, Grant

March 4th – Danica, Aaron, Brad, Paul, Roland, Grant

April 15 – Roland, Brad, Andrew. Grant

May 6 – Danica, Andrew, Brad, Roloand, Grant – REVERSE CLIMB

June 10 – Andy, Damian, Grant – Lanita Rd Climb 315mtr elevation gain

July 23 – Andy, Brad, Paul

Aug 5 – Andy, Brad, Paul, Ryan, Grant

Aug 12 – Andy, Cam

Sept 30 – Andy, Damian, Roland reverse climb


Dave x 5 times + once reverse

Andrew x 5

Grant x 4

Brad x 2

Pitt x 1 

Anja x 1

Bronson x 1

Roland x 1

Paul x 1

Ben x 1


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