Fastest Known Time – Personal Time Trials

A list of your Fastest Known Time (FKT) – Personal Time Trials (PTT) on the Bunyaville Conservation Park 3km Ring Road, Camp Mnt 5km loop and Camp Mnt 1.2km climb. These are your times and can be displayed here. No need to verify with a garmin link. A normal stopwatch is suffice. No prizes, no awards just bragging rights and a chance to test yourself. Bunyaville Trail Runners on Strava

Bunyaville Ring Road

ring road

Start clockways at the gate on the left and follow the asphalt road for 800mtrs. Turn left at the fork in the road onto the fire road. Don’t take a right as it takes you down to the Western carpark. Follow the fire road through the gate, past the Education Centre and then the Communications Centre. This leads onto the asphalt downhill to the Gully Carpark then uphill to the start gate. Distance is 3.05-3.10k but garmin can be out so 3k it is.

BTT – 3k Time Trial & Bring Back the Trail Mile

Pdf file – results BTT 2015 


Steve M 14:52 (3)

Ethan 15:00

Paul G 15:05

Claudia 15:05

Josh Mc 15:37

Grant 15:47


Ethan 14:42 (1)

Claudia 14:47 (2)

Steve M 14:53

Josh Mc 15:10

Distance to be recorded:
1x lap = 3km
7 x laps = 21.1km Bunyaville Half-Marathon

Date: 10.07.2013
Grant – 1lap 17:17 mins ave pace5:36
Date: 02.08.2013
Grant – 7laps 2:05:58 mins ave pace 5:48


Chermside Hills Reserve – Giwadha Track
To be run anti-clockwise from the bridge. Do not go up Spider Hill.
chermside hills mile bunyaville trail runners btr

Camp Mnt 5km Loop

We all know this one well! This is part of the Australian &  QLD Mnt Running Championships and our Camp Mnt run. Start from road and make your way up to the Camp Mnt Lookout (200mtr elevation gain). Make your way around the road turning left for a 2k downhill. Turn left at Link Rd and 1.5k to Sutton Crt and a small climb to the start position. Camp Mnt climb is from the the same start position to the Bathersby Plaque.

camp 5k loop

Distance to be recorded:
1 x loop = 5km
2 x loops = 10km
1 x climb = 1.2km 200mtr elevation gain.
5 x climbs = 10.8k Vertical K 1000mtr elevation gain. Finish at top.
8 x loops & 1 x Climb up & down = 42.2km TNF Training 2400m+ elevation gain!
10 x loops = 50k = Legend Status!!!

Date 05.07.2015
Will 50k Ultra – 7:13:42 – LEGEND!!! Strava link 

Date 25.08.2013
Roland Marathon 6:00:02 2400+m elevation gain. Garmin link here & blog

Will Marathon 6:14:15 

Date 08.06.2014
Will & Brad 6:08:20

Date: 01.08.2013
Roland 2 x loops 10km 1:15:02ave pace 7:24

Date 01.09.2013
Damian W. Camp Mnt Vertical K  Time – 1:15:38 Garmin link

1 x climb 1.2k 200 mtr elevation (trail head to Bathersby Plaque)
Date: 05.08.2013
Grant 11:41

Some footage of the 5k loop and the Climb. Some of the video is from Bellbird Grove.

bathersby lookout

Bathersby Plaque


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