CANCELLED Camp Mountain Challenge – Marathon & Half Marathon 5k,10k- Sunday August 25th – 6am



Disregard the elevation in the photo above, the half is 1050m Marathon is 1890m elevation gain.

Also have added a 5k and 10k run.

Sunday 25th August 2013 6am start. Start at corner McLean Rd & Sutton Crt.

This is a FatAss run so run at your own risk. 

Bring your own supplies ie. water, endura, food. Toilets at the lookout. Don’t drink the water! We all know this one well! This is part of the Australian & QLD Mnt Running Championships and our Camp Mnt run. 8 x loops & 1 x Climb up & down = 42.2km 4 x loops & 1 up = 21.1km ( but you still have to come back down to the start)

With the loops we then have access to our supplies at regular 5km intervals. I will need numbers to see if we need to car pool from Lanita Rd.

Here’s the good bit! Marathon elevation gain approx.1890m Half Marathon Approx. 1050m gain. On the day you can decide what distance you want to do. It’s a fatass so you can run as far as you want. The run is not technical but is steep and you must be very fit. Don’t plan to run properly for a few days after. See our facebook page for all updated details.

camp 5k loop

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