Marty Australian Parkrunner of the week!

Congratulations to Marty for being the Australian Parkrunner of the week! link

parkrunner of the week

” Name:  Marty S

Club:  Train mainly with my bro… but as of late been running with Bunyaville Trail Runners… great bunch of people!

Age:  29

Home parkrun:  New Farm, but would like to mix it up with Southbank and Wynnum

Occupation:  Store person

Number of runs:  12

Number of times volunteered:  2

What do you do at parkruns:  Love going down with friends or catching up with friends and see it as a great training run. I have found parkrun mimics a race (even though it’s not a race) and because I push myself to get a PB, I am the fittest I have ever been.

How has parkrun changed your running:  Helped me focus more on correct running technique and achieve maximum speed. This has helped me get a PB at KOM at Pomona and B2B this year.

What do you like about parkrun:  The people, the course and it’s the best start to the weekend. The organization is at a level of a paid race so massive props to Karen, Richard and all the volunteers. It’s always good to cheer on people on the home straight when you have got nothing left.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment:  When my brother (Phil) had been seeing physio for his hip and wanted to test it out. The treatment was so effective he sprinted off and was ahead by 100-200 meters, only to die after getting past the Powerhouse. The usual leaders said to him they hadn’t ever seen someone with such speed lol…

How can we improve parkrun:  Keep up the great work. It’s good to see other parkruns opening as not long ago New Farm was at its capacity.”

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